Update: We have decided to use a more general approach for affiliate linking.  Please check out our disclosures page.  Basically, for everything we recommend, assume that we have some incentive from it.  Don't take this as a bad thing, take this as we have found value from it and hope to share that value with somebody else.  We are not making millions with this site, but if a few pennies from Amazon or a few bucks from a technology we like comes our way, we will happily make sure that www.afterdiploma.com benefits, so that you benefit.

We do not enjoy annoying ads on every page fighting for your already strained attention span, so we have decided to generate revenue through affiliate programs. 
We believe this is the best way to keep our site afloat and not frustrate our readers.

 We have found a lot of excellent resources that we believe will be of great value to our readers that we can promote on our site.  We will have first hand experience with the resources that we will review/recommend.  We believe that affiliate advertising is a win-win-win solution.

Win for websites: able to generate revenue and control what is being promoted on the site
Win for readers: no more annoying ads!  Relevant content and useful information
Win for stores: increase sales for other sites.

We hope you agree with our direction with this site, please share your opinions in the comments section below.


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