Vagabonding is the concept of long term world travel and after reading this book  the author gives great insight into why you should do this now and not later and how it is more affordable than one might originally think.  I have several friends who have been doing this and I am planning a trip coming up in at the beginning of 2011.  Details are just about ready.
  1. It will give you practice planning - you will have to plan the strategy, the scope of the trip, build out a budget and back up plans
  2. You will learn to adapt to new situations and surroundings - no matter how much you plan, there will be changes and adapting to the situation will force you to get creative and figure the best course of action
  3. No guarantee you will be able to do it when your older - save up some money, make out a plan and enjoy your time.  You may not make it till retirement and even if you there is no guarantee that you will be able to hit the road for a few months or so
  4. It can be cheaper than believed - back to reason one, plan it out, figure out how much money you need for travel, hostels, etc.  Keep an 80% rule, your total planned costs should be about 80% of the money you bring with you.  Leave a bit extra for the unexpected, additional costs, a few extra splurges on things you didn't plan on etc.

Key Points to remember

  • Work for it: get a job, earn the income necessary for the travel.  Think of the work as the incubation period to get everything setup.  It also helps with the mental state, if you earned you will enjoy it more.
  • Less is more: don't try to squeeze in a lot of places, get to place and enjoy it, take in all that can be seen.This is an education in itself:  Treat it like a class, spend a few months, travel to a great place and enjoy
  • Talk with other people who have done it or are in the places you want to go, it is a great way to practice networking and you never know who 


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