I attended the Boston College graduation last month for a family member and the graduation speech (can't remember professor's name, please comment if you know it)  talked about the next several years after graduation are the time to find yourself professionally and try different things.  It is okay to make mistakes.  Mistakes are what teach us the best lessons, help us figure out what we want to and don't want to do.  It can be scary trying new things, but like after a while, it becomes habit forming. 
If you want to start a business, do-it, it can cost less than you think.  With the all the options on the Internet for creative ways and access to income sources, there is plenty of options to move forward in your own way. 
Maybe you are struggling to find a job, you might lack the experience needed, this is the perfect time to either build the experience yourself and then put it on your resume or just to have fun and you might surprise yourself. 
Feel like writing for a blog, start one yourself or submit an article and I will post it on the site.

Never Stop Learning!!!



06/19/2009 2:38pm

Interesting idea, but being right out of school is a good time to try to figure out what you want to do the rest of your life


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